Photography, Optics and Amateur Astronomy Notes

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Building and using a high-quality Western blot imaging system
You can build an imaging system for the lab for 1/8 the cost, and get better results by understanding how they work

How to photograph Mars and other planets
It's not too late to get your azz to Mazz.

Timeline of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Nobody warned me about the mosquitoes

Mounting big lenses for astrophotography
Basics of how to attach things together when doing astrophotography without a telescope.

How to take bad cell phone photos
There are lots of ways of using a cell phone to take really terrible travel photos. Here are some of my favorite techniques.

Ultraviolet photography with a modified D90 DSLR
Modifying a DSLR camera for infrared also increases its sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) light. The modified camera can be used to take pictures in the near-UV region down to about 320-330 nanometers.

Shortwave ultraviolet photography
Photography at short UV wavelengths (200-300 nm) poses many challenges, but it also opens up a new universe of things that can't be seen any other way.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse with a DSLR Camera
Or, how to take pictures of the Sun without burning up your camera sensor, blinding yourself, and setting your dog on fire.

Controlling an SBIG STF-8300M astronomy camera in Windows and Linux

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 1
Design and plans for a compact spectrograph suitable for astronomical and terrestrial use.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 2
Parts and construction details.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 3
Testing, calibration, and sample spectra.

How To Assemble an Iris Diaphragm

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 1: Design

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 2: Construction

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 3: Test images

Photographing radioactivity with a webcam

Ultraviolet photography with a modified D90 DSLR

Photographing fireflies

Imal - Free image analysis software for Linux

Astrophotography Without a Telescope

Modifying a CGEM telescope mount

Little-known facts about the Moon

Modifying a Nikon D90 DSLR for Infrared Photography, Ultraviolet Photography, and Astrophotography

Build a solid oak giant binocular mount
Detailed plans for a sturdy, inexpensive binocular mount suitable for astronomical viewing at high angles, capable of holding giant binoculars with minimal vibration.

Homemade heated telescope dew shield - design and complete plans

Improving the reticle in a polar finder scope

Uranus is officially no longer funny, leading astronomers say

A collection of images taken from a yellow site in northern W.Va., USA

Infrared photographs

Nature photographs

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