Linux Setup Notes

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This page details the tribulations involved on getting Linux running and configured on this system. Its purpose is to provide a reference for setting up new systems here but hopefully will also help other users who may have similar problems. Latest articles are at the top.

Setting up Netgear AX1800 WiFi 6 router (RAX20) as wireless access point

Getting Linux to talk on a corporate network

Compiling LPR-NG

Creating a fast database for scientific reprints

Installation of Debian 10.5.0

Protecting NFS mounts against Windows viruses

How to set up a BrosTrend AC3L 1200MBps USB wireless card in Debian Linux 9.9

We finally got our computer-driven microscope to work--by ditching the computer

Two factor deauthentication

Installation of Devuan 1.0.0 and Debian 9.2

How to protect yourself against ransomware

Blocking sshd brute force attacks

Compiling and running VNC in Linux

Email as a cloud storage mechanism

Linux and Windows: Why You Need Both

How to eliminate edge resistance in Enlightenment e16

Example ffmpeg commands

How to repair a Hewlett-Packard HP 32Sii calculator

Fragmentation is killing Linux

Review of HP Prime Graphing Calculator

Review and Instructions for G Shock GW-4000D-1A (Casio 5087)

How to install Windows XP over Windows 7

A Dolphin's Review of the Samsung Tab Pro 8.4

Browser Wars: Opera vs. Firefox vs. Pale Moon in Linux

Controlling an SBIG STF-8300M astronomy camera in Windows and Linux

What does Linux need?

Installing SLES 11 SP3 on a HP Z820 Linux Workstation

Opensuse 13.1 review and problems

     Boot loader problems

     Partition table problems

     Starting NFS

     Imlib problems

     Findutils-locate problems

     Libjpeg problems

     JPEG parameter struct mismatch problem

Linux Acroread problems

Wiring diagram of YSI 709B temperature probe

OpenSuse 12.3 NFS problems

Bugfixes for xmgr Linux graph plotting software

Solving Linux/Apache Permission Problems

OpenSuse 12 Crash & Burn !

Several Lightweight Linux X11 Window Managers

Setting up USB printer in Suse 11

Changing the default port for ssh and sftp

USB External Hard Drive Resetting Problem

NFS mounting blocked problems

Generating User Certificates - Detailed Example

Pine email problems

Linux video players - a comparison

Setting up SPF

Installing ftpd, telnetd, and imapd

Enabling server-side includes (SSIs) in Apache

Creating a Linux Blog Using WordPress, Apache, and PHP

Inkscape problems, annoyances and tricks

Windows users unable to print in Samba: Invalid handle, also Samba crashing

Configuring an HP ProCurve Network Switch

Wireless Data Link From Beckman LS-6500 Scintillation Counter

Eliminating Spam With Spam Assassin's Learning Function

Windows file sharing over NFS

How to upload a file using Apache and PHP

OS X Users Losing Mail in Squirrelmail

LaTeX tips

Configuring a Cisco 2821 Router for a T1

Opensuse 11.0 - First Impressions

     64-bit library problems

     Compiling Nedit in x86_64 Linux

     Fixes to xmgr

Creating Animated Molecule Movies in Chimera

Converting LaTeX documents to MS Word

Review of Netgear ReadyNAS Duo in Linux

Setting up DKIM with Sendmail using milter

Creating Buttons in HTML

Installing and using R statistical package in Suse Linux

Changing daylight savings time in Linux

Firefox and Mozilla problems

DSL vs. Cable Modem: A Real-World Comparison

Reverse ftp using netcat and wget

Problems with SuSE 10.0

     Converting from inetd to xinetd

     ftpd and telnetd not starting

     Skencil font problem

     yacc problem

     Can't set time and date

     Acroread crashes on startup

     Keyboard is slow

     Setting up Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit model SB0410 sound card

Installing BlockHosts

Installing htdig website indexing software

Linux Power Line Monitor - APC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

Tracking Radio Frequency Interference

Tests on WinRadio software

Sending audio over a network

Installation of Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 350

Creating high-quality PDF files from LaTeX documents

Password Protecting Directories and Files in Apache

Installing a Virtual Private Network with OpenVPN

User Instructions for Connecting to a VPN with OpenVPN

Inexpensive Incubator Alarm System using Linux

Inexpensive Freezer Alarm System using Linux

Installing freetype, libXft, and libXrender

Customizing nedit text editor

Using Nikon Coolpix USB Camera in Linux

Installing and Programming RocketPort Universal PCI Serial Controller

Plotting Bar Graphs in Xmgrace

Fixes for bugs in midnight commander

Installing "Links" browser

Installing SuSE 9.0 Linux on a Toshiba Portege 3015CT Laptop

Comparison of Linux graph plotting software

Installing Perl Modules

Setting up DNS in Small Subnets

"lpc: connect: No such file or directory couldn't start daemon" error in lpd

Installing libmilter, MIMEDefang and clamav antivirus sendmail virus scanners

Stopping Mozilla's drop-down "Search Netscape Search" menu

Installing OpenSSH and OpenSSL

Lexmark E323n printer TCP/IP problems

Setting up USB printer

Installing sendmail

Installing Spam Assassin

Changing disks or adding larger disk to Maxtor External USB Drive

External USB and Firewire Hard Drives

Miscellaneous problems

     Printing to lprng from Windows Samba clients

     NFS mount hanging

     Open Office crashes on startup

     Date is wrong after reboot

Software Installation Procedure for Fuji LAS-1000 Plus Gel Documentation System

Writing CGI scripts

Installing SSL and Apache HTTPD with PHP4 support in Linux

Installation of Squirrelmail Web Email Interface

Windows problems

     Browsing Across Subnets in Samba

     Server not visible in Network Neighborhood browsing

     Windows authentication problems / users unable to log in

     Windows users can't access home directory

     Windows not asking for a password

     Common Samba commands

     Common Windows problems

     Windows printing problems

Creating data CDs

Creating audio CDs

Monitoring network utilization with NetFlow and cflowd

Installing LaTeX fonts for TeTeX

Installing anomy email virus filter and interfacing with f-prot or clamav antivirus scanner

Setting up a Bind 9 DNS Name Server

Configuring disk automounter

Configuring Linux for Japanese Kana and Kanji input


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