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nov 21, 2013

Acroread problems

Summary of problems and solutions, if known, with the Linux Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.


On x86_64 systems, in Suse 11, Acroread crashes with the message: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ASErrException', Aborted. This uninterpretable message gives no clue what is wrong with it. The same problem occurred when I downloaded a new version from Adobe's Website. Solution: Install all the 32-bit packages, especially any 32-bit libraries, from the DVD. These should be listed as dependencies, but aren't.

Font problem

Adobe Acrobat reader still has the same font problem that it's had since Opensuse 11 came out. Some documents are rendered properly, while others have strange fonts with tall capitals. Acroread for Windows, and other Linux PDF readers such as Evince, render the documents properly.

Acroread font problem

And all this time I thought the Dean was just weird.

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