Davos's conspicuous consumption
It wouldn't hurt the celebrities at Davos to learn a little science.

Atheists and crucifixes
As long as they don't go sprinkling holy water on them, they can't hurt us.

Are Open-Access Journals Harming Science?
A paper calling gun owners “racists” has appeared in an open-access journal. But calling people names is not actually science.

Stress and Reproductive Fertility
A politician has created a furor by claiming the body has some protective mechanism to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But is that really true? What are the scientific facts?

What car would Jesus really drive?
An organization called the "National Religious Partnership for the Environment" has started a national campaign to make people feel guilty for driving SUVs. The centerpiece of this campaign is the slogan, "What would Jesus drive?". This, of course, has driven people into paroxysms of laughter.

Man Vs. Wilderness in Washington, D.C.
Hi, my name is Grear Bylls. I've climbed to the foot of Mount Everest and crossed the freezing North Atlantic Ocean in a small, open ocean liner. Today, I'm going to tell you how to survive in one of the most hostile wild environments in the world: downtown Washington, D.C.

What is happening to our puppets?
The only thing preventing puppets from committing crimes against humanity, genocide, or even a second Holocaust is their lack of ability to formulate ideas, hold opinions, and to move or act independently.

Duck and Cover
The idea that the only possible outcome of a nuclear conflict would be a universal holocaust, in which everyone would die, as the movie "Atomic Cafe" suggests, is simply false.

Smallpox, Indians, and Germ Warfare
The story of the British spreading smallpox as a form of germ warfare against the American Indians in the years before the Revolutionary War has received wide attention in recent years. But is it true or merely politically-inspired disinformation?

Home Enervation and Repair
Some of the regular visitors to this site may have wondered why I have not written many new articles lately. The reason is that your columnist has been hard at work resting in order to find an excuse to to avoid doing much-needed home repairs.

Morgellon's disease in invertebrates? Tiny colored fibers resembling those seen in Morgellon's disease have been found in CNS cultures of a sea slug.

How to repair broken eyeglass frames

Computer Predictions for 2006
A remarkable new computer program has been devised that can predict news events in the future. We use the program to predict future events about famous celebrities from Einstein all the way down to Jessica Simpson.

Predictions for 2005 (and 2105)
The year 2005 promised to be so boring I made predictions for 2105 instead.

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