Science humor and miscellaneous

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists fails again to set the time on their clock
Clock is still analog, unable to sync to WWVB; second hand appears broken

The standard model of sock physics
Socks actually tell us a great deal about quantum mechanics. Unfortunately, most of what they tell us is wrong.

The Future of TV
What will television be like 20 years from now? We think social changes will drive the technology, rather than the other way around.

The Ten Most Annoying Science Fiction Shows of All Time
Some science fiction TV shows succeeded at creating a rich, complex universe, and some ... didn't.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Life in the Country
If this article can save just one person from the unending nightmare that is country living, it will be worth it.

Fundamentals of Reindeer Aerodynamics
How did reindeer evolve the ability to fly?

The Prophecies of Bruce de Nostradamus
Bruce Nostradamus is not as famous as his older brother, partly because his quatrains were not very good.

An Overview of Santa's Advanced Anti-Radar Technology
According to radar experts, the inability of our most advanced radar tracking systems to detect the red-suited Christmas icon is no accident

The Tragic Story of Schrodinger's Cat
Schrödinger's cat played a critical role in the early development of quantum mechanics.

The Cow Theory of Economics
Cow theory is a well-established tool for understanding basic economic concepts. There are many variations of this theory on the Internet. Here are some new ones.

How to Make a Substitute for Lysol 4 in 1 Spray Disinfectant
The only good product Reckitt Benckiser ever made, and they discontinued it.

What car would Jesus really drive?
The Bible describes the earliest documented case of road rage.

Physics envy among biologists: fact or fiction?
Physicists often state their belief that all biologists would rather be physicists, but became biologists only because they were not very good at math.

Four Movies for Dorks
These movies contain clues to hidden meanings that seem to have been missed by everyone else.

The Al Gore Effect: Theoretical basis
The day after Al Gore: Where will you be? Someplace cold, probably.

Can You Survive on Soap?
Maybe for a while, but you wouldn't enjoy it.

The Collected Physics Problems of William Shakespeare
Problem 1: Shall I compare thee to a summers day?

Decibel Levels of Various Foods
One of life's greatest mysteries is the question of which food makes the most noise. In the interests of science we have investigated this burning question.

How To Get Rid of Woodpeckers
Wodpeckers may be cute, but they make lots of noise and drill large, ugly holes in your wood siding.

The Food Groups Color Code
Your diet should not only be healthy, it should be color-coordinated.

Filler of the day
More useless facts

Improved State License Plate Slogans
Most American states have pithy slogans printed on their vehicle license plates. But do the slogans truly represent the state? I think not.

Introduction to Quantum Thermo-Epistemology
This manuscript describes some of our recent findings in the exciting new field of quantum thermo-epistemology, a branch of implausibility theory dealing with fundamental questions such as: Why does toast always land butter-side down?

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