Photography, Optics and Amateur Astronomy Notes

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Mounting big lenses for astrophotography
Basics of how to attach things together when doing astrophotography without a telescope.

How to take bad cell phone photos
There are lots of ways of using a cell phone to take really terrible travel photos. Here are some of my favorite techniques.

Ultraviolet photography with a modified D90 DSLR
Modifying a DSLR camera for infrared also increases its sensitivity to ultraviolet (UV) light. The modified camera can be used to take pictures in the near-UV region down to about 320-330 nanometers.

Shortwave ultraviolet photography
Photography at short UV wavelengths (200-300 nm) poses many challenges, but it also opens up a new universe of things that can't be seen any other way.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse with a DSLR Camera
Or, how to take pictures of the Sun without burning up your camera sensor, blinding yourself, and setting your dog on fire.

Controlling an SBIG STF-8300M astronomy camera in Windows and Linux

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 1
Design and plans for a compact spectrograph suitable for astronomical and terrestrial use.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 2
Parts and construction details.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 3
Testing, calibration, and sample spectra.

How To Assemble an Iris Diaphragm

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 1: Design

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 2: Construction

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 3: Test images

Photographing radioactivity with a webcam

Ultraviolet photography with a modified D90 DSLR

Photographing fireflies

Imal - Free image analysis software for Linux

Astrophotography Without a Telescope

Modifying a CGEM telescope mount

Little-known facts about the Moon

Modifying a Nikon D90 DSLR for Infrared Photography, Ultraviolet Photography, and Astrophotography

Build a solid oak giant binocular mount
Detailed plans for a sturdy, inexpensive binocular mount suitable for astronomical viewing at high angles, capable of holding giant binoculars with minimal vibration.

Homemade heated telescope dew shield - design and complete plans

Improving the reticle in a polar finder scope

Uranus is officially no longer funny, leading astronomers say

A collection of images taken from a yellow site in northern W.Va., USA

Infrared photographs

Nature photographs

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