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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What did Nostradamus say about 2020?

Startling predictions that were so vague they actually came true, maybe. Or maybe not. It's hard to tell


T hese days, the stuff reported by the news media is so inaccurate I find myself reading it merely to find out what is not true. For instance, are the 'vid deaths really higher than ever? Did Santa Claus really kill 18 people in Belgium? Does Kwanzaa spelled backwards really mean “your sins” in Arabic? If these things are in the press, it's proof that they're false. And after studying that picture in the Daily Mail for half an hour, I'm certain there is NO PANDA in there!

So that leaves science as the last man standing—the last bastion of truth. Or does it? Take a look at what the great prophet Nostradamus wrote about 2020. Most people think Trump's threat to release a kraken is merely a metaphor. But Nostradamus predicts some sort of wounding and worrying that started in March will cause President Trump to release a real one. Also, there will be some thunder in Burgundy.

From the sixth bright celestial light
it will come to thunder very strongly in Burgundy.
Then a monster will be born of a very hideous beast:
In March, April, May and June great wounding and worrying.

Elsewhere, he says “a marine monster from other seas” will be found, confirming the prophecy.

After a long period free of warfare, the Democrats will be seen as the authors of a great war, but it will actually be the ‘gods’, that is, extraterrestrials trying to discredit the left-wingers.

The gods will make it appear to mankind
that they are the authors of a great war.
Before the sky was seen to be free of weapons and rockets:
the greatest damage will be inflicted on the Left.

He predicted it would rain in Britain—another prophecy confirmed!

Towards Aquitaine by the British isles
By these themselves great incursions.
Rains, frosts will make the soil uneven,
Port Selyn will make mighty invasions.

Global warming will be so bad that the fish will be half cooked. KFC and Biscuit World will go out of business.

Because of the solar heat on the sea
Of Euboea the fishes half cooked:
The inhabitants will come to cut them,
When the Biscuit will fail Rhodes and Genoa.

Nostradamus even foresaw that President Trump would be vindicated by the Senate in his phony impeachment trial:

The great Senate will ordain the triumph
For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out:
At the sound of the Trumpet of his adherents there will be
Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled.

Most people think Kamala Harris will have Joe Biden removed from office due to his age or due to a real or feigned illness, but Nostradamus predicts a much more violent and humiliating end for the guy he calls a ‘hobby falcon’:

Made prisoner led to the dung cart,
Moor Camel on twisted feet,
Then the younger one will blind the hobby falcon.

Elsewhere Nostradamus refers to Biden as 'Hunchback' and 'Hideous Monster.'

Hunchback will be elected by the council,
A more hideous monster not seen on earth.

Now, some Nostradamus deniers might quibble that no actual dates were assigned to any of these prophecies, or that they were somewhat vague and even nonsensical. But they are far more accurate than our news media. And notice that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the news media make no mention of these prophecies. If the press doesn't mention it, it must be true.

There's a lesson there. The more you try to force people to say and think a certain way, the more they will assume the reason you have to shove it down their throats is that it's a lie, and they'll assume the opposite, whatever it is, is the truth.

dec 29 2019, 6:35 am

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