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Monday, November 14, 2016

The great snowflake meltdown of 2016

Democrats are trapped in a bubble created by their own thoughts.

Y ou know, I've never seen so many snowflakes melting down this early in the season.

It reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Doctor Beverly Crusher gets trapped in a warp bubble as her universe slowly shrinks. They're trapped in a warp bubble and, as the stripey transparent guy says to Doctor Crusher's kid, it is collapsing.

No wonder they're out on the streets rioting: their safe little world, where everyone who disagreed with them could automatically be dismissed as a racist or a sexist, has been shattered into tiny urban enclaves.

Their bubble was created by their self-serving redefinitions of racism and sexism, by TV comedians who think snark is the soul of wit, and by a complicit news media. It made them feel safe enough to indulge in a little racism and sexism of their own with no fear of pushback.

They grew accustomed to believing they were winning. The pattern has always been the same: A Republican or conservative makes some innocuous statement. They cry racism, sexism, homophobia, Hitler. The news media call it a scandal and spread it across the globe. The movement conservatives cave and eject the offender into the void. Think Todd Akin, whose ideas about stress leading to miscarriage, once dismissed as ‘Neanderthal’, have now been confirmed by science.

Almost no one defended him. The left took out a number of politicians that way — often with fake prosecutions. And the conservative establishment, not wanting to get their hands dirty, acted paralyzed. For them it was not worth the risk that someone would call them racists. As a result, the leftists' future of One World, One Point of View must have seemed inevitable.

Now, for the moment at least, they've been pushed aside. Trump might have barely squeaked by in Pennsylvania and a few other states, but it was enough to change the dynamic. It's like when Captain Janeway crashed her starship into the time ship. (Yeah, I watch too much sci-fi, shoot me.) Suddenly they're in a world where being called racist doesn't terrify people anymore. Being called sexist gets, as often as not, a joke in response. Their most powerful weapons have been neutralized.

The movement conservatives are reduced to saying they plan to sit on the sidelines waiting for a chance to say they told us so. But they recognize that they have to remain engaged. No one can bear the thought of being powerless for long. Eventually they'll come around, and they'll be welcomed back.

The election took PC down a notch by showing us it can be resisted. The Democrats will now have to come up with real arguments instead of calling us names. And that's really why they're so scared.

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