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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders, the Potemkin Candidate

He was never intended to have a chance, but he served his purpose

W hy did the Democrats run Bernie Sanders, then blatantly cheat him out of his chance for victory? I suspect it was never intended for him to have a real chance. It was all part of a carefully scripted plan.

Even the young people who enthusiastically supported him seem to have forgotten all about him. Indeed, much of their supposed enthusiasm may have been faked by the news media.

A few months ago Sanders gave a rally at one of our local hotels. Since we're a college town, we were told we'd have to avoid that area for most of the day because there'd be massive traffic jams, as opposed to the less-massive ordinary traffic jams we usually have.

I happened to be at a restaurant two blocks away while he was speaking. There were no traffic jams. There were no people in sight. There were lots of parking spaces. The streets were empty, as they usually are that time of night. If I'd had my sound recorder handy, I could have gotten a nice recording of crickets. Enthusiasm? I didn't see it.

Since then he disappeared. Was he threatened into silence? Was he in on the fix? No. It was a fake candidacy. Bernie Sanders got lots of bumper stickers, but his main purpose was to generate some phony excitement for the Democrats, something Hillary could never do.

There was also a secondary purpose: to make Americans think socialism is not a dirty word.

It worked. The Democrats used to call us crazy conspiracy theorists if we called them socialists. Call Hillary a communist and they still scream bloody murder. But call her a socialist now, and nobody cares (even if it's not quite 100% accurate). Their denial is proof of where they want to go, and lack of denial is proof they no longer feel threatened by admitting it.

The SJWs are another example. Their ultimate goal is to get the government to quash all dissent. They might not get hate speech laws right away, but just as useful is to get the government to quash dissent by taking away whatever benefits people are getting if they don't toe the line.

They can't do that if people are not getting any benefits. That's the real purpose of these government loan forgiveness programs. The SJWs' tactic is to rile up the people, create discontent and resentment, then turn them loose on a cause they enjoy: getting free tuition from the taxpayer.

If they get it, universities will become extensions of high school. It will be an inalienable right to go to school for sixteen years. Colleges will be completely dependent on the feds for students, and the feds will use that power to tighten control over what is taught, what students are permitted to do and say, and who may and may not graduate. Say goodbye to religious universities and academic diversity.

Politics is a chess game, and the enemy thinks two moves ahead. Every action they take and every word they write has a single goal: to gain power for themselves by making government bigger. Truth for them is whatever furthers that goal.

The ones who used to warn us about the fascists, have become the fascists. We need to be just as proactive. If we just react to their last move, we aren't playing the game right.

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