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Friday, May 13, 2016

Attack of the rule-makers

If you take money from the government, it means the government owns you.

I t's no use arguing that the real minimum wage is zero.

The busybodies in Washington know this. There's no doubt it's on their list of things to fix.

The rule-makers are patient. They know if they rolled the rules out all at once, there'd be a revolt. So they dribble them out just slowly enough to avoid outright rebellion.

The feds are the biggest rule-makers. The states take money from the feds, which gives the feds the right to tell them what to do. The schools take money too, so when the feds tell them any person who decides to be the opposite sex may use the bathroom of their choice, the schools have to comply. The feds own them.

Scene from The Living Dead
Institutions move slowly

We used to call it selling one's soul, back when that word had any meaning. Institutions look human, but they have no souls. They are like machines. And they're in charge now.

If you take money from the feds, they own you too. The government calls it a benefit not because it benefits the people who receive the money, but because it benefits the government by giving it more power over them. If they give you special privileges, or if they pay your insurance, they own you. Sooner or later they will collect what you gave them: a chunk of your liberty. If the government pays you, you are as much a government employee as the $200,000 a year bureaucrat who spends all day looking at porn.

The rules and restrictions benefit the government by keeping us poor, thereby making it more difficult for us to turn down their handouts.

The feds won't come out with mandatory employment and mandatory salaries and mandatory retirement benefits right away. And they will never admit it's all about control. There's just some rule that makes it necessary.

That rule, in case you're wondering, is the previous rule, which created the problem the new rule is supposed to solve. No one in the whole government ever, ever imagined that the old rule would create a problem. But it did. Just bad luck.

And it's just a coincidence that there are never any rules that tell the rulemakers to keep their zombie paws to themselves.

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