Book Review

Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild

Michelle Malkin
Regnery Press, 2005, 231 pages

What would it be like to have fallen into a coma in 1962, only to reawaken in 2004, perhaps by Howard Dean giving his megadecibel "YEAARRRGH!!" speech or by a Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania repeatedly screaming "F*G**T!!" at his Republican opponents on the Senate floor? The powerful American Democratic party, which once stood for racial equality, national courage, and tolerance, would be practically unrecognizable. Today, only its desire for big government remains. The rest has been replaced by Reynolds-Wrapped conspiracy theories, defeatism, and policies that divide the country into ever smaller special interest groups, each demanding Euro-style cradle-to-grave fulfillment of their needs by government programs.

Even mainstream Democrats seem to have abandoned reasoned discourse and turned to inciting outrage and indignation. Much of this no doubt comes from their realization that calm reflection will invariably support their opponents' position, and that an emotional appeal to envy and resentment is the only tool that still works. This may explain why every Democrat I've ever spoken to openly admitted that they, quite literally, hate President Bush. Many of them also openly say they hate all Republicans and conservatives, and some have added the South, Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic states to their enemies list; presumably the conservative areas of Alaska, Manitoba, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories in Canada will soon follow.

Michelle Malkin also comments on the piles of hateful, racist comments sent to her by liberals who somehow stumbled onto her website. Anyone (including this reviewer) who has ever questioned the sacred cows of the Left can vouch for the fact that Michelle Malkin is not alone in that regard. Yet questioning the sacred cows of the Right rarely elicits hate mail.

Today, Republicans represent the moderate, civilized mainstream viewpoint in today's society. Yet twenty years from now, if the mainstream media have their way, the insanity that currently infects the Left will be erased from history, and replaced with a sanitized version of the facts. People will wonder what all the fuss was about. Thanks to Michelle Malkin, a record of today's political insanity has been preserved. Michelle Malkin documents the loony comments made by Democratic Presidential candidates, DU posters, Senators, and "comedians" whose idea of a joke is to threaten to assassinate the President of the United States.

Although she gets off a fair number of zingers (including a great one about Michael Moore on page 151), Michelle Malkin's writing lacks the punch of Ann Coulter's devastating wit. But she hardly needs it. The antics of Democrats have enough entertainment value that the entire book could consist solely of quotes from Democrats, and it would still be hilarious. The looniness of the comments she quotes from mainstream Democrats such as Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy speaks for itself. Many liberals sincerely believe that the capture of Saddam was staged and that the Second Gulf War was all about oil. Some even still believe that John Kerry was a Vietnam War hero.

Michelle Malkin makes no pretense of being analytical or comprehensive. The book has the very narrow goal of documenting the wackiness of Democrats. Political correctness, academic nutters, anti-globalization activists, Hollywood airheads, Israel-bashers, anti-Christianity bigots, special interest group fanatics, Wal-Mart haters, and the hordes of unhinged America-bashing dimwits on the Internet are outside its scope. But even the topic of loopy Democrats is too gargantuan a topic for such a small book. Most Republicans probably already know about most of the stuff described in this book. Democrats and anyone who gets their news from the mainstream media probably never heard of most of these events. They should read this book, and be ashamed.

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