Book Review

Electronic Intelligence:
The Analysis of Radar Signals, 2nd Ed.

R. G. Wiley
Artech House, 1993, 337 pages

Although this book is now getting very old (it still talks about oscilloscopes and recording signals on tape), it is still a good introduction to the basics of how to gather intelligence about radar signals. It doesn't delve into the issue of signal classification as does Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar but concentrates on the most fundamental aspects of determining the basic operational characteristics of pulsed radar signals, such as ERP, pulse repetition interval, polarization, antenna configuration, scan pattern, and position. Regardless of the level of sophistication of the radar you're studying, it's necessary to have a firm grasp of these topics before going up and capturing some signals. For a beginner, I would recommend reading this book right after reading Skolnik (many of the graphs in this book are taken directly from Skolnik).
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