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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Why was it so quiet in the office yesterday?

Maybe something was going on.

Y esterday I got more work done than any time in the past two months. It seems like all the complainers and all the people with chips on their shoulders took their vacation on the same day.

Not enough of 'em, though. The person who thinks we're saving money by placing orders only on Wednesdays was still there. We'll still survive—instead of ordering what we need, we just order everything we might need. It costs a lot more, but I'm sure that person is right about how it saves money.

The person that everybody hates because they made us use that awful email system that loses mail and stops working whenever our Internet connection goes down was still there.

The person who couldn't figure out how to attach their monitor to their computer was still there.

Even that crazy person who everybody is afraid of because they have a big chip on their shoulder and keeps calling everybody a misogynist and babbles on all day about white privilege (whatever that is—), and about what a terrible person President Trump is for having it—that person was still there.

But I didn't see that hippie who always stands in front of the copier for twenty minutes staring at it like they're stoned on drugs. That person is like those persons who block the aisle in the grocery store staring at the cereal, as if they're trying to figure out which one they want. (They all taste the same, lady!)

Nor did I see the person that everybody thought was a guy. That was the person that HR told us there was some rule that said we had to hire them.

Those three persons down the hall who are always hanging out in the hallway talking real loud and making cackling sounds, like characters out of Macbeth, were they in yesterday? I didn't hear 'em. Maybe they decided to do some actual work instead of babbling.

It was really quiet. A few more weeks of this and I'm liable to stop hating my job.

Most of the silence was probably due to all the students being in Fort Lauderdale this week. But whatever was going on, congratulations on a job well done.

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