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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Or, how to fix the health insurance crisis without creating a disaster which will get you thrown out of office by enraged Republicans at the first opportunity.

T oday's blog post will be short because, thanks to the government screwing with the time zones, I have to spend the next 25 minutes setting all my clocks.* Then I have to set all the analog wall clocks at work because all my cow-orkers are people who, when you ask them what time it is, reach for their telephones.

I am in cane-waving mode today.

I am in awe of our politicians' ability to take a simple problem and turn it into a disaster. This week they're turning their attention to Abominationcare. The news media have all bought into the myth that this is a health care issue. It is not. It is a very simple health insurance problem that the government has turned into a mess.

Problem: Poor people and unemployed people cannot obtain health insurance.

Reason: Health insurance companies were offering group discounts to companies which made it prohibitively expensive for individuals to buy health insurance. So employed people get their insurance for a fraction of what it costs the self-employed.

Solution: Stop them from doing that. Most people only need to buy catastrophic health insurance, which would be much cheaper. Simple solution, and the only one consistent with the free enterprise system. If you want to make it free for poor people, there's already a mechanism for that. Several, in fact.

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Then we can get on to the real reforms, like eliminating Daylight Savings Time.

* I have 27 things that need their time set manually, plus nine that update themselves automatically but need checking, and three that are set to UTC.

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