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Saturday, August 05, 2017

The intellectual desert on the left

In the victimization Olympics, there is no way to win. Maybe not winning is the goal.

B y now everyone's seen how CNN's Jim Acosta tried to sneak race into Trump's new immigration policy. Roger Simon writes about it here (warning: site hangs some browsers).

In case you missed it, Trump advisor Stephen Miller was explaining how the ability to speak English was to be an important criterion. As Roger Simon put it, Acosta was waiting to pounce, and he did: wasn't this, he asked, a de facto discrimination in favor of people from the UK and Australia? In English, of course, this means: isn't this racist?

Roger Simon says Acosta's Trump Derangement Syndrome is

. . . a cocktail of blind rage, the overwhelming self-centered need for you and your side always to be right with (for bitters) a healthy splash of malignant moral narcissism . . . . It's all about them and not one jot about informing their audience. In fact, there is an almost palpable rejection of the latter because then they (that unwashed audience) might see something, anything, good in what Trump or one of his minions might be proposing.

Besides the moral narcissism, there's also a good argument to make that the left-wing world has become an intellectual desert. These days they have only three arguments left:

  1. Reductio ad racism
  2. Reductio ad Islamophobium
  3. Reductio ad Hitlerum

That third one is on the way out. Increasingly, Hitler is bad only because he was racist. So when libs call someone Hitler, they're not accusing him of trampling on freedom of speech or trying to destroy Europe. Those are now good things. They're accusing him of wanting to set up death camps. Reductio ad Hitlerum has been reduced to reductio ad racism.

And notice what's missing: feminism. Nobody cares much any more about being called sexist. Women now have so many special privileges that college entrants are mostly women. No, in the victimization Olympics, race beats sex. To criticize somebody, you can no longer say it hurts women. You have to say it hurts “women of color.“

White women are now part of the oppressor class. Welcome to the club, ladies!

In the victimization Olympics, there's no way to win. If you get what you say you wanted, you are no longer oppressed and you become the oppressor, and therefore the enemy.

Race is the big kahuna, so to speak, which is why they're always trying to invent new ones. I have never been convinced that Hispanic is a race. Neither is Arab, and Muslim certainly isn't. Of course, libs don't really mean race when they say race. It's just a convenient way of terrorizing people. It works, and that's all that matters.

You buy an ice cream cone and it melts. Reason: America has not ratified the Paris Climate Agreement to fight global warming. This harms Africans. QED: Racism!

But libs are, if nothing else, ingenious. In researching this article I came across the following quote: “The most inflexible form of racism holds that race is determined biologically,” attributed to Kevin Passmore[1].

Well . . . isn't this contradictory? How else could race be determined? By popular vote? And if there is no such thing as race, how can there still be racism?

They're trying to come up with ideas, but they keep imploding. You have to admire how they keep trying after failing so often. Being a liberal means you never have to take responsibility for your failures, and that means you get really good at it. Perhaps that's the goal.

The sad thing is that the news media seem not to understand what they've done. What will happen when people believe everything the news media say is a lie? Some will, no doubt, spend great effort to discover the truth on their own. Others will just become fatalistic, concluding that the truth is unattainable. And some will conclude that whatever the press says, the opposite is true, like a weather report.

So in the spirit of conciliation, I propose we take up a collection and send some new ideas to the left. They need something besides race to bash us over the head with.

Oh, it won't be easy. But we must have some real faults. At the moment I just can't think of a darned thing.

Or maybe . . . just throwing out a crazy thought here . . . how about something that's not a concealed way of making people hate each other, raising taxes, and increasing the size of government?

[1]. Passmore K (2014). Fascism: A Very Short Introduction (2nd ed). Oxford University Press, p. 108.

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