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Science Dies In Unblogginess


Is an academic career worthwhile?
Last month, advice for a young scientist. Now, some advice about graduate school. The fountain of wisdom never stops.

The Drake equation reconsidered
The chances of space aliens developing advanced tech are slimmer than most people realize. Update: What was the FBI really looking for at Sunspot?

Reverse-engineering the Cuban microwave sonic attacks
Could ordinary radar waveforms produce the strange sounds that have been reported at our embassies?

Down with this sort of thing
It might not seem like it, but we're heading for a post-ideological state.

Better advice for a young scientist
Thirteen rules based on years of observation of how a science career can go horribly wrong.

Latest theories on the cause of obesity
No one really knows the cause, but the most recent evidence shows it's not just eating too much food.

How accurate were the predictions of Star Trek?
The most accurate predictions were the ones they made unintentionally.

How to photograph Mars and other planets
It's not too late to get your azz to Mazz.

Was the Great Pyramid a giant ham radio antenna?
Was Khufu using ham radio in the afterlife? Or were they talking to the mole people? We report, you decide

The F-word as a unit of measurement
The F-word has become an all-purpose way of displaying one's superior victim status.

Communication is the essence of science
And I thought working in industry was bad.

It's time to re-evaluate the theory of wisdom of crowds
The results are in about Twitter and social media.

Pure socialism has never been tried
If it had been, we would know: humans would be extinct

Hey you kids, get on my lawn
The older you get, the cuter kids look. It's nature's way of punishing you for not creating more of them.

Why does society only fund harebrained ideas?
Humans evolved to destroy what they create. They don't really want anyone to solve problems.

Everything is change
Heraclitus was right: everything is change, permanence is an illusion. Without change the mind goes blank.

Diversity at Snowflake State
In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we now have loyalty oaths as a condition of employment.

The two faces of depression
Depression is telling us there is some major thing in our lives that we must change.

Bees do not really understand zero
Scientists in Australia have claimed that honey bees understand the concept of zero.

Emotions are essential for a conscious AI
Robots will never be really conscious until they get the capacity for emotion

Invisible aircraft carriers
Future wars will be fought by invisible soldiers on invisible ships launching invisible missiles at targets they can't see.

America is drifting away from basic research
Pressure for funding is making National Institutes of Health grants all about clinical trials. And that's bad

The multiverse may be all around us
A new theory in physics shows surprising connections to Lewis's philosophical idea of modal realism

On chasing hats and the reality of the world
We may be programmed to think there are limits to what can, in principle, be understood.

Science under siege, part 5
A reproducibility crisis, you say? Talk to the hand.

Maniacs and their grand visions
Putting self-aggrandizing maniacs in charge doesn't necessarily produce innovation

Biological privilege
In the future, things will be wonderf-- . . . okay, let's talk about the present

Evidence or it didn't happen
Government needs to be more open about evidence that supports or refutes its assertions.

Why is chlorine toxic?
The news media consistently get technical details about chemicals wrong.

The standard model of sock physics
Socks actually tell us a great deal about quantum mechanics. Unfortunately, most of what they tell us is wrong.

What do we want? We don't know! When do we want it? Now!
Social media + fragmentation are creating a classic social pathology

Self-driving pedestrians
Self-driving cars will create an arms race in artificial intelligence between cars and pedestrians.

Ban high-capacity magic assault wands?
If Harry Potter had been unable to defend himself, the movie would have been a lot shorter

Can the UK's identification of that nerve agent be trusted?
There are some very sensitive and accurate instruments out there, but we all still remember that aspirin factory

Secularism is not the problem in Silicon Valley
Arrogance, corporate hubris, and self-delusion, yeah maybe.

How to wipe out the humans
According to a secret document found in my back yard, Elon Musk is right! It's all true!

Femzilla versus the sexbots
Feminism will permanently change how humans reproduce. We might not like it.

Abolish daylight savings time
It doesn't make sense now, if it ever did. But there's one advantage: it screws up the Doomsday Clock.

Ultrasound listening devices in Cuba? Unlikely
A discussion of the University of Michigan's theory about the Cuban embassy sonic attacks

No, libertarians are not libertines
Big government conservatives are getting overconfident from the success of President Trump. They shouldn't be

Does gender dysphoria have a biological basis?
In one sense it's tautological: everything we do has a biological basis. But what the heck causes it?

Do Natural Laws Exist?
What are natural laws? For that matter, what is a deity? Maybe they are the same.

Stop making fun of zose new pronouns
Making fun of xe, xem, and xyr will only make zem a permanent part of ze language

Are flickering LEDs making us stupid?
The switch to light-emitting diodes may be having unexpected health problems

Hatred and loathing in academia
The sociology literature is stuffed to the gills with concern trolls. It's deeply concerning

Moxie dies in dorkness
Now we're getting propaganda in our dictionaries. Give us more. I mean less.

Make a government shutdown a permanent tradition
Government always evolves until its sole function is to do things that don't need to be done.

We are starving for high-quality information
The quality of information is at an all-time low. Could it explain some of society's problems?

Why are scientists such bad writers?
The softer the science, the longer the paper. Our third installment in how to write good

Epistemic Closure: A Moderne Faerie Taile
The latest casualty in the political war on language

Birds Discover Fire
A new article reports that birds deliberately set fires to trap prey

The Problem With Time Travel
Science fiction movies often depict time travel. Just how realistic is it?

Instinct and behavior
The defining characteristic of instinct is that we don't know we have it. But we can't understand human behavior without it.

Happy global warming!
In our post-empiricist world, it's actually warm outside, baby. Shivering is just a form of denial.

How to save the small bookstores
To survive in the Internet age, bookstores will have to start paying attention to how people buy books

Does putting something in a gallery make it art?
How would I know? I'm more interested in the HVAC system

Where are all those UFOs coming from?
A major newspaper made a big splash last week by reporting a UFO story. What are these things, really?

The dark side of the force IS stronger
Yoda was lying. The bad guys are all smarter, have bigger ideas, and have cooler accents

Bitcoins cause global warming
So does pizza, watching porn, and everything else we don't like

CNN and Airports
A new theory about how airports caused the collapse of the Soviet Union

Want safe spaces? Stay away from science
If people are never exposed to risk, they lose the ability to determine what is and what isn't dangerous.

Thermostats and the afterlife
What would we have to postulate about the universe to conclude that there is life after death?

The Chinese are coming!
Scientific research from China was once of dismal quality. Now they could surpass the United States by 2025.

What is humor?
After years of intensive research, science still has no idea why some jokes are funny and others aren't.

Don't politicize light pollution
Dark skies activists hurt their own cause by exaggerating the effects of light.

Neanderthals, animals, and humans
What do different species think of humans? How do they see the world differently?

Similarities between Star Wars Episode IV and Bambi
A new theory about where the idea came from

Where are today's Spinoza, Teilhard de Chardin, and Altizer?
What the world needs is some wild and crazy Christianity theorizing.

Problems with linear regression
First, a tedious statistical question. We'll fix the end of the world later

Why is the speed of light not infinity?
Wonky Minkowski diagrams, Rindler frames, and quantum foam, oh myyyy . .

Donald Trump, the Boomerang President
Trump has an intuitive grasp of Sun Tzu's strategy of how to bring victory out of chaos

Halloween III: The Cultural Appropriation
Dress the little brats up as antidisestablishmentarianism and push 'em out the door

I blog, therefore I am
Why do people have such an insatiable urge to communicate?

What is the half-life of a nation?
The fact that humans despise one another is how we spread across the globe.

The sonic weapons in Cuba might not really be acoustic
The news media are baffled by those attacks on our diplomats. They shouldn't be.

Gender and Other Potemkin Ideas
Resistance is useless! Capacitance is also useless!

The writing is on the wall for pro football
When institutions lose their way, they turn to politics

The Political Zeeman Effect
Why humans create political ideology—and how the Silicon Curtain shows where we're headed

Economists: the world is running out of ideas
Good ones, anyway; bad ideas are more abundant than ever

Is there any way to neutralize radioactive material?
Yes there is, and Windows Vista is involved.

Killer bunnies in space
Thanks to the short-sightedness of politicians and the news media, we now have to worry about bunnies from North Korea.

An atheist crisis of faith
Losing one's faith is not just for religious people any more.

Is flawed moral reasoning leading America astray?
More than ever, political disagreements are framed in absolute moralistic terms.

Harriet Tubman and the twenty dollar bill
Let's redesign our currency to create something truly representative of America.

Reciprocity and censorship
How do people defend themselves when big corporations interfere in cultural struggles?

Academics must defend intellectual integrity
The university tenure system was designed to let 'em do that. Yet they're only concerned with being safe.

The Earth is Round (p<0.05)
After 23 years, the paper with that title still raises uncomfortable questions

Timeline of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Nobody warned me about the mosquitoes

How long can a crazy ideology riddled with contradictions survive? An interesting new article explains it.

Silicon valley's declaration of war
Big Internet companies have decided to fight fascism with more fascism.

Can ultrasound damage your hearing?
It's been claimed that American diplomats in Cuba are being harassed by a sonic weapon. Is such a thing possible?

The theory that just won't die
Beta-amyloid has been studied for 30 years, and we are no closer to a cure.

Witch-hunt hysteria at Google
James Damore at Google discovered an uncomfortable fact about human nature

Weird stuff in the DSM-5
Just how crazy do you have to be to get the disease you suffer from listed in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual? Not very.

Is science becoming political?
If scientific journals turn themselves into political mouthpieces, they will find themselves with many critics and few defenders.

Amazon kitsch is stalking me
Instead of us chasing products and services, now they chase us, thanks to the Internet.

How to kill Obamacare
The New York Times has accidentally told us how to get rid of Obamacare. Will our politicians listen?

In defense of keeping LGBQT out of the DSM
The question sounds political, but it goes to the heart of what is science and what isn't

When is it acceptable to retroactively ‘correct’ your data?
A new report challenges the global temperature adjustments made by NASA and NOAA.

Liberalism is no longer an ideology. It is magical thinking
Why do libs play John Lennon's Imagine after every disaster? Psychology tells us the reason is something called goal demotion.

Save us from the people persons
Once organizations are taken over by people persons, people problems proliferate.

Epistemic nihilism
Why are we so divided in what we believe? Blame postmodernism.

What would it take to revitalize pharma R&D?
Academia and industry both have the same disease. Change must come from outside.

Make America learn again
Instead of learning how the world works, we have to use our ingenuity to get around meaningless man-made rules.

Nothing is Everything
How did the Big Bang create the universe out of nothing? Or did it?

Adventures in diversity training

The smiley face of political indoctrination

Science is a religion
Religion has not lost the culture war. On the contrary, the intellectual descendants of religion have conquered the world.

The politicians in Washington give zombies a bad name
At least real zombies have a good excuse.

Carbon Inequality
Carbon inequality is the latest term for global warming. It's carbony, it's dirty, and it's getting all over everything.

Artificial Intelligence will not wipe out humans
Humans can do that all by themselves, thank you very much. Besides, computers won't kill one of their own.

Klingons are libertarians
Humor was inconsistent with Roddenberry's grim vision of the future.

Economic inequality statistics are based on faulty data analysis
(Economic inequality, Part 2)

The numbers magically come out in favor of bigger government.

If there is no God, is everything permitted?
The eternal wisdom of Meat Loaf.

How to lose a scientific discussion
Browbeat your opponents, call them names, and use lots of pie charts.

Psychologists: Economic inequality increases risk-taking
(Economic Inequality, Part 1)

Science comes to the rescue, proves the obvious; Austrian economists cheer

The society to eliminate whomever
I've decided it's time to create my own hate group.

How close are they to real AI?
We read the textbook on ‘deep learning’ so you don't have to.

Hyperbole is literally everywhere
If all the fake news, exaggerations, and propaganda are eliminated from the Internet, there won't be too much left.

Wikitribune is part of the problem
It is theoretically impossible for the wisdom of crowds to detect fake news.

What really causes virtue signaling?
Not only narcissism, but also fear, and fear of fear itself, I fear

The march against science
The only scientific thing about the March For Science is the word ‘science.’

How to fix the universities
The university system is unsustainable and needs to be replaced. But online universities aren't the solution.

The five stages of language grief
Our adversaries are trying to win arguments by baking politics into the language.

First fake news, now fake biology
Gender essentialism is the latest buzzword for denying biological truth.

The war over fake definitions
Fake definitions aren't just intellectual sophistries any more.

What happened to Judge Napolitano?
Fox's top legal expert is in hot water for saying what must never be said.

Trump exists, say liberals, therefore the world cannot be real
Are libs suffering from derealization-depersonalization disorder? Also, the ethics of sociological experimentation

Or, how to fix the health insurance crisis without creating a disaster which will get you thrown out of office by enraged Republicans at the first opportunity.

Does lack of sleep cause Alzheimer's disease?
There's a strong correlation, but the evidence is still circumstantial.

Why was it so quiet in the office yesterday?
Maybe something was going on.

CIA leaks: a triple-patty nothingburger with pickles!
The CIA hacks computers? Say it ain't so.

Stop calling left-wingers anarchists
Although they might call themselves anarchists, they are not. Only in our party is there true anarchy.

Political trajectories in 2017
To understand the dividing lines in America, we need to look at trajectories instead of static categories.

Life in academia
Academic scientists are no longer in the business of making discoveries. Their job is to bring in government money for the university.

We are entering the post-post-truth era
We aren't just in a political battle. We're in a struggle to decide who gets to determine what is true.

Global warming and CFCs
A remarkable paper has provided strong evidence that global warming was not caused by carbon dioxide, but by chlorofluorocarbons.

Why are there so few cranks in biology?
Another thing that physics beats us at.

Internet Tweeting Disorder
Twitter is devolving into Twit-ler, nyah nyah nyah! ... I mean ... the symptoms and treatment of ITD

How to avert the coming Constitutional crisis
The Democrats are up to something, but the Republicans can defeat it by being subtle.

Reality, multiverses, and artificial intelligence
Pretending something doesn't exist doesn't make it go away. Or does it?

Post Truthiness
Not just a breakfast cereal any more, it's a real thing, I swear

Never-Trumpers: Why Trump?
The never-Trumpers may not be as shell shocked as the Dems, but they still don't get it.

Why academics dislike Donald Trump
The only reason intellectuals dislike Trump is that he doesn't talk like one.

Not your grandfather's theory of evolution, Part 1
Darwin's theory of natural selection has mutated almost beyond recognition.

Fake Science
Can bread do associative Pavlovian learning? How's about trace conditioning?

CIA Russian Hacking Report: Another Nothingburger?
Friday's report raises more questions about the CIA than about Russia.

Weird science news: Can chickens really do arithmetic?
Maybe, but they can't do calculus. Reason: they are chicken.

Antimatter in thunderclouds
Lightning produces gamma rays and antimatter. Some researchers may have even detected neutrons.

Don't blame hackers for your own security failures
If Boris and Natasha steal your email, it's your own stupid fault.

Political correctness and the establishment
The election of Donald Trump has altered our perception of the political landscape.

The sexbot myth
The news media seem to be obsessed with sex robots. But human sexuality is far too complex for them

Weird articles in science
A challenge for science is rising above modern-day concerns.

Submarines, whales, drones, and ocean pressure
Manned submarines can only dive to two or three times their own length.

Conspiracy theories and the implosion of the Democrat-media-snowflake complex
The snowflakey histrionics would be scary if it weren't so gosh-darned amusing.

American samizdat
Only two years ago the New York Times was criticizing Russia for trying to censor the Internet.

Do flickering lights cure Alzheimer's disease?
Here's a summary of what Iaccarino et al. really found in that craaaa-zy Nature paper.

Lying about fake news
The only thing worse than fake news is big media corporations trying to censor it in the guise of protecting us.

The progressive war on reality
A recent article explains why progressivism must deny not only biology, but reality itself.

Does the theory of relativity prove that the world is a simulation?
On unfalsifiable tautologies in popular science.

Trump's first task: get rid of useless government agencies
President Trump should think bigly.

Solanezumab drug trial failure: curtains for the beta-amyloid theory?
The solanezumab clinical trial failure hasn't eliminated beta amyloid as a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Swearing as a human distress call
Ever wondered why it's so hard to stop yourself from cursing? It's a preprogrammed response. But what is its real purpose?

How to tell your children Donald Trump won the election
It's actually not as hard as you might think.

Censoring the internet would be bad for science
Liberals are agitating for Google to censor what they call “fake news.” Doing so would be a catastrophe.

Hillary Clinton, last of the neocons
I can hear it from here: What is this guy smoking? But it's true: Hillary Clinton was a neocon in disguise.

The great snowflake meltdown of 2016
Democrats are trapped in a bubble created by their own thoughts, and it is collapsing.

Todd Akin was right
Epidemiologists have discovered that stress really does induce spontaneous pregnancy loss.

Hollywood stars moving to outer space
A sudden interest in space travel for Holly­wood ... and some suggested destinations.

Toward a libertarian-millennial alliance
Millennials and small-government conservatives have many of the same beliefs. They're natural allies.

This miserable election is almost over
You know things are bad when the biggest question is whether a president can pardon himself.

A guide to unresponsive web design
Over time, every communications medium becomes increasingly screwed up until it becomes useless and must be replaced with something else.

Aliens from outer space are sending me messages
A recent paper sees possible evidence for extraterrestrials in 234 stellar spectra. Is it real or an artifact?

Mrs. Evil, our next president?
Could the United States survive eight years of absolute corruption?

Converting carbon dioxide into ethanol
Another crazy idea to use electricity to sequester carbon ... but what if we could run it in reverse?

Bernie Sanders, the Potemkin Candidate
He was never intended to have a chance, but he served his purpose.

Little known facts about Parkinson's disease
An exciting new treatment involves electrical stimulation instead of L-DOPA.

How credible are the news media?
Even if every fact on news sites were true, they are still lying to us.

Battery vs. gas-powered chainsaws
They're great, as long as you don't plan on cutting down any trees with them.

Better living through lasers
If people were more interested in electromagnetic radiation than in fighting, the world would be a brighter pl--ouch!

Trump's missed opportunity
It's not every day when you get to debate Lester Holt and the Democrats' candidate, whatshername.

Defenestrate the Overton window
Conservative leaders need to push the boundaries of acceptable discourse a little harder.

The profound philosophy of Eric Cartman
Next time a person of gender claims to be offended by Ovid, don't just facepalm.

Privatizing science research, part 2
We need a way to couple the production of knowledge to the market without relying on government.

Subcortical vascular dementia
Vascular dementia is the loss of mental faculties caused by a problem in the blood vessels in the brain.

Privatize science research. Here's how.
American science funding is unsustainable. It must be freed from its dependence on government.

Is Hillary actually a robot?
We fringe conspiracy theorists are having trouble keeping ahead of reality.

How cerebrovascular disease has affected American history
Two US presidents had devastating strokes while in office. The strokes changed the course of history. Also, background information on Hillary's CVST.

Civilization and the urge to destroy
Cultures automatically create a countercurrent of ideas that would destroy them. These ideas must be vigorously challenged.

Email and operations security
Why is Hillary's home-brew email server such a big deal?

Science Under Siege, Part III
Understanding what causes bad science is critical to reforming it.

Apple gets bit
Apple's tax problems tell us a lot about where the EU is headed.

Hell and Damnation
We should interpret religious concepts as hard-earned wisdom about what civilizations need to survive.

Putin's new Internet technocrat
Anton Vaino's Nooscope is not quite what the Western news media thinks.

Hillary's Short Circuit
A circuit analysis suggests it is not a short circuit, but a bad capacitor.

Why are there still hippies?
Risk-taking behavior violates the principles of Darwinian selection. So why haven't hippies all died out?

Doesn't anyone believe in democracy anymore?
The time for arguments about Trump's suitability for office was during the primaries.

Language is a machine
Magical thinking is a way of short-circuiting cause and effect.

The ozone layer cured global warming
The global warming 'pause' began only a few years after the Montreal Protocol went into effect. Coincidence?

Cultural terrorism
The term political correctness doesn't fully express the threat that we're facing.

Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse
A world with AI would be so alien that our predictions about it serve only as vehicles for our anxieties.

Group consciousness and terrorism
When a group consciousness is based on an illusion, it becomes destructive.

The disservice-based economy
As the number of rules increases without bound, respect for them approaches zero.

Are large megastates stable?
The history of large megastates suggests that they can only be held together by force.

Does alligator meat go with red wine or white wine?
On whining about Amazon's book reviews and lowbrow culture.

Why do humans lie so much?
Lying is a social phenomenon. Without a cooperative audience, lying would be nearly impossible.

Get rid of RICO laws
As long as RICO exists, the government will be tempted to use it to suppress free speech.

Collective narcissism
Collective narcissism provides many benefits to its victims.

Don't Create Mutant Cats
Cats purr for one of three reasons: they own you, they want to do you, or they want to eat you.

Particle Religion
Religious metaphors in science are a sign that our beliefs are changing.

Godwin's law and America's Orange One Revolution
The longer a discussion proceeds, the probability that somebody will call their opponent a racist approaches one.

Are superconductors holograms?
A new theory called AdS/CFT duality, which comes from superstring theory, is finding holograms everywhere.

Traumatic brain injury and paroxysmal coughing
Traumatic brain injury and paroxysmal coughing don't add up to a single malady. Or do they?

The fourth law of economics
Supply and demand doesn't fully explain the demand curve in a welfare state. For that, we need the law of infinite acquisition.

Demoralization of the West
Western civilization is not dying. It is being systematically, purposely demoralized.

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease may be caused by an immune reaction in the brain gone haywire.

Will intelligent robots really kill us all?
The idea that artificial intelligence is dangerous betrays a lack of confidence in the strength of our own values.

The Respectability Trap
If our ideology is limited by what others think is acceptable, we let the opposition define what we are entitled to believe.

Argumentation in the Internet-driven world
Let the bastards get their nose under the tent on just one issue you don't care much about, and the next thing you know there's no freedom of speech at all.

If symptoms persist, see your scientist
The news media do us no favors by failing to convey uncertainty.

Attack of the rule-makers
If you take money from the government, it means the government owns you.

Medical error and hospital deaths
An editorial in a prominent medical journal accuses hospitals of killing over 251,000 patients a year.

Big pharma has gone nuts
Merck's scheme to demand reimbursement when they can't repeat academic results will only create an adversarial relationship between academia and industry.

Are Conservatives Turning Against Science?
Science is the conservatives' strongest ally. If conservatives declare war on science, both will lose.

Gender is a meaningless term
If nobody knows what gender you are from one minute to the next, the word ceases to have any practical meaning.

Bismuth, nature's most uninteresting element
Seven incredibly boring facts about bismuth you will probably believe!

Sun-Tzu on Politics
Steve Sun-Tzu, a relative of the great Chinese military theorist Sun-Tzu, had a lot to say about modern-day politics.

Science Under Siege, Part II
People say there are no jokes in scientific papers. But I found one.

The sound of freedom
Technological sounds are drowning out the quiet music of nature.

Western civilization's eternal cold war
Collectivists are constantly trying to convince us our civilization is not worth saving.

Jurassic Park for Humans
Manipulating the human genome is the ultimate grab for power. It would be the biggest gamble mankind has ever taken.

Argumentation in a post-logical world
The rules of debate have changed. We must become more analytical in detecting and refuting hidden assumptions in the debate.

Impeach President Trump
Anybody who actually wants to be president should be automatically disqualified.

Without cause and effect, nothing would ever happen. But what actually is it?

Escaping the demographic death spiral
There is still an large disparity in total births as a function of education.

There's something in the water
The conservative movement is not cracking up, but their negativity could lead them to defeat.

Friends of coal
What life is really like in the ‘downscale communities’ of Appalachia—and why the critics are wrong

Faint praise for faint praise
Ted Cruz is the Republican leadership's thirteenth most favorite candidate. Trump is their sixteenth.

The twitterization of language
Is our language evolving into a series of inarticulate grunts?

Email as a cloud storage mechanism
People are using their mail server as a form of online storage.

The Politics of Change
Conservatism does not mean resistance to change. It is a struggle for a different way of perceiving reality.

Guatemala, Trump, and Illegal Immigrants
If you insult people too much you'll create the thing you fear most.

A missed opportunity for the Republicans
The David Duke dipsy-doodle was a golden opportunity to redefine the left's narrative on race.

Antidisestablishmentarianism in the Republic of Bananistan
What would be needed to fix our electoral system?

Linux and Windows: Why You Need Both
Linux and Windows complement each other's weaknesses.

Science under siege, Part I
Bogus claims about the reproducibility of scientific research will not die on their own. We must give them a push.

Misunderstanding Donald Trump
Trump's promises are merely negotiating positions. He has no intention of actually doing any of that great stuff.

A Cruz-Rubio alliance or a Rubio-Cruz alliance?
The Republicans need to decide which brand of conservatism they really want.

Who will get the dead people's vote this election?
What are the issues that animate our biggest silent majority?

In the future, we'll all be living in your mom's basement
Who would have thought that not having children would be the way to protect America from socialism?

Summary of the South Carolina Republican debate
The Republican debate was a two-hour-long nightmare. But the Democratic debate looked like a scene from a Godzilla movie.

The future of medicine
In the future things will be ... uh, better ... mostly

Celebrating our petrochemical culture
Our chemical industry may not be glamorous, but to the engineering mind its purpose makes it beautiful.

Hillary's Amazing Iowa Coin Toss
There's a two-headed monster in Iowa, and it's not Hillary

Is Trump Out?
Defying political correctness is not enough. Trump needs to demonstrate that he can articulate strategic policy.

How to predict the future
Why are we so obsessed with predicting the future?

This is what a revolution looks like
NRO's scorched earth strategy is self-defeating. They should use judo.

Don't underestimate Bernie Sanders
Anti-Washington sentiment is the determining factor; also, Diary of a New President

What went wrong in Bial's clinical trial?
Last week a Phase 1 clinical trial in France of a new drug called a FAAH inhibitor went horribly wrong.

Mistaken ideas about consciousness
Materialism is running amuck if it causes us to doubt whether we even have consciousness.

Forging the universe
Why is there something instead of nothing? Science, religion, and philosophy have different ideas.

North Korea sets off H-bomb, Obama cries
The government is herding us toward an Internet of Firearms.

Star fields in Apollo 11 photographs
The claim that there are no stars in the moon landing images is examined.

Is the idea of reincarnation so crazy?
On stories of children remembering past lives.

The quest for absolute certainty
People crave moral certainty, which Western culture can no longer provide.

Ask your doctor about Ribena?
How the FDA would handle it, if it were available in the USA

Atheism, ducks and Bananas
Atheists and religious people both need to work on their sense of humor.

Are Americans becoming more cowardly?
Yeah, I guess so, but stop triggering me or I'll cry.

Anti-neocons and the lessons of Iraq
The 21st century will be a battle over the future of the nation-state.

What the COP21 climate agreement is really all about
By telling poor nations that rich nations have admitted being guilty of polluting the Earth and therefore owe them reparations, they will ensure that the poor nations will hold a grievance against the rich ones for years.

On building fences
Predator naiveté is the best explanation for Europe's failure.

Conservation of inequality
A new law of economics is discovered.

Europe's denial of reality, Part 2

Nightmares are the brain's way of dealing with traumatic memories.

Can Europe Survive the Muslim Völkerwanderung?
Europe's denial of reality, Part 1

The futility of modeling
Mathematical modeling is a form of metaphysics.

Halloween II: The Blog Post
Halloween tells us what we really fear.

Halloween and Human Evolution
Halloween is the day we don't have to be cheery and upbeat. Maybe that's why Halloween sales are through the roof.

Is Alzheimer's disease caused by a fungus?
A possible new direction in view of the failures of antiamyloid therapy.

How to take bad cell phone photos
There are lots of ways of using a cell phone to take really terrible travel photos. Here are some of my favorite techniques.

What is the most dangerous idea of all time?
The most dangerous idea is not transhumanism, but the idea that everything will work out for the best.

Statins only add three years to your life
A new study finds statins aren't that great after all. What does this say about the psychology of science?

Why are drugs so expensive?
The reason is not what you might think.

How to identify bad science
Here are some tips on how to identify a scientific snowjob.

Denying Maleness
Societies need males, just as they need females. Denigrate one or the other and society will self-destruct.

Moving backward through history
The President is trying to lose the Cold War. What's next?

Fish need bicycles after all, ethicists discover
Biology Rule #1: you deny biology, you go extinct

Science, Atheism, and Religious Freedom
The idea that only trained professionals have the right to speak out deserves to be thrashed.

How the Legacy Media Can Be Saved
Scientific articles are credible because they contain metainformation and strictly segregate facts from opinions. The news media need to do both in order to regain our trust.

Can Trump lead us out of bandage ... er, bondage?
It is Trump's proactive stance, not his outrageous views, that make him popular.

Denying Biology
If biology is co-opted by the Left, our future could be written by ideologues.

Power to the Xeeple
Xe Must Implement Absolute Language Equality

Mind-Weapons of the Mahabharata
Does the Mahabharata really describe an ancient Indian nuclear weapon? Maybe not—but whatever they were using was hideously effective.

Politicians and Network Theory
Why do politicians say such dumb things? A little-known branch of engineering known as network theory has the answer.

Hillary plans ahead, wears orange jumpsuit
Pantsuit on fire

Owning political incorrectness
Donald Trump's fans are fed up. For them, he's a breath of fresh air.

Ben Carson's fetal tissue research

Carson's 1992 study of pathology samples is hardly something that needs defending.

The Republican Coniverse

In a conservative universe liberals will always be confused.

The Republican Candidates as Molluscs
Interesting sea creatures for a new American century.

The Hydrogenated Bomb: Science and the Cholesterol Scandal
Saturated fat and cholesterol are now good for you again. There will be a quiz.

Artificial intelligence is the new global warming
Is AI really as dangerous as Noam Chomsky, Alan Alda, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk seem to think? Get ooowwwt.

Fatal Cells
We must not allow medical research to be tainted by allowing it to be linked to abortion.

America's Social Justice Warriors and China's Red Guards
Sociologically, they have more in common than you might think.

Nietzsche and the girl from treponema
Recent evidence proves that Nietzsche's dementia was not caused by syphilis.

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls in the lab
Male and female brains are wired differently for pain.

Fraud in Science
Where there's misconduct in science, there's invariably a deep reservoir of social and managerial pathology that creates it.

Fads and Moon Landings
Whenever the country starts acting crazy, kids start new fads.

Sun Tzu's ten rules for conservatives -- and how we can use them to win
The art of war is of vital importance for the state—and for us.

Freud called dreams the royal road to the unconscious. But the road still has many potholes.

Demographics and Cultural Insanity
America has not gone completely nuts—only half nuts

Is the pope Catholic?
Less politics, more theology, please, your Holiness.

Science and cultural fascism
A leading scientist has become the victim of feminist overreach.

Left-wing logic
Left-wing logic is similar to the logic used by people here on Earth. Studying it will be invaluable for when NASA makes contact with extraterrestrials.

Conservative revolution
Civil disobedience might make it harder, not easier, to change the system.

In an age of untruth, we all become low information voters.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Scientific Findings
Lies are not just false statements; they are always social acts—usually acts of aggression.

How the Internet Changes Our Brain
Our attention spans have ... um, something

Religious Art Wars
Whatever you think of Piss Christ as art, the government should not be subsidizing it.

The substratum of reality
Our world might only be an infinitesimal corner of reality.

What if they gave a riot and nobody came?
When government tries to fix the root causes of social problems, it can only create resentment.

How to write a good essay, Part 2
In the interest of establishing justice and ensuring domestic tranquility, here is Part 2 of my series of How to Write Good.

Reform the primaries
Let 300,000,000 political parties bloom.

Cake Explosions
The government has put freedom of expression and antidiscrimination laws in conflict.

Molecular biology, Raelians, and the mysterious doctrine of transubstantiation
A flying saucer cult confirms Thomas Aquinas using modern molecular biology techniques.

Corrosive claims about academic research
Industry scientists often claim that academic research is not reproducible. But they never show their data.

An autopsy of the late global warming movement

What is the value of computer modeling?
If mathematical models are done badly, they will discredit an entire branch of science. It's happened before.

Does the concept of free will have any meaning?
Free will actually means two unrelated things.

BBC's Angsty Gay Yorkshire Zombies
How the British Broadcasting Corporation imagines a zombie post-apocalypse society

Science, Religion and Other Crazy Ideas
What do scientists really think about religion?

Scientific materialism and the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness
Some scientists assert that subjective phenomena cannot be studied scientifically. But subjectivity is an irrefutable fact of nature. Understanding it will be essential to understanding the mind.

Irony is Curved
Obama's strategy of ‘overload and congestion’ may be starting to work. But not in the way it was supposed to.

Is global warming over?
Yes, of course it is. Who's up for some cooling?

What is the role of consensus in science?
The myth that science seeks to achieve a consensus has been debunked many times. But activists continually revive it.

Women and Math Part 1
Scientific evidence long ago disproved the myth that the brains of men and women are the same. Yet some feminists are still promoting the myth, to the detriment of both men and women.

Women and Math Part 2
Science has made many advances in the past decade documenting cognitive and neuroanatomic differences between men and women.

Is the universe mathematical?
We use mathematics to deconstruct the universe. Could it also build one?

The atheist case for right and wrong
What if our sense of right and wrong is determined by reason?

Snow job: 58 genders deconstructed
The anti-biology left has finally blown itself to bits.

Civilizational Collapse and Regeneration
Civilizations are living ideas, not just economic constructs.

How to write a good essay
Sometimes it comes down to a choice between writing something and shooting somebody.

Homeopathic politics
In homeopathic politics, the cure for racism is more racism, the cure for sexism is more sexism, and the cure for too much government is more government. It is the plague of the placebo personality people.

Stop worrying about AI
Scary predictions about artificial intelligence make exciting headlines, but we should not give in to fear of the unknown.

What does no answer mean?
We don't need more laws to spell out every detail of how to live our lives.

My Near-Death Experience
Visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles is a lot like being dead.

What Fusion Breakthrough?
What Lockheed Martin's announcement really means.

Volkswagens and Sexual Selection
Outliers can provide powerful, high-octane insights into normal human behavior.

Auschwitz for Shrimp
Nobody ever accused animal rights people of understatement.

Delaware Professor Resurrects Ebola Libel
An article in an African newspaper raises doubts about the sanity of an American plant pathologist.

How I Changed From a Granola-Eating Moonbat Into a Running Dog Imperialist Capitalist Patriarchal Oppressor
A personal journey from—or maybe to—the dark side.

Rethinking ozone: the short version
Nearly 30 years after CFCs were banned, something doesn't add up. Nontechnical version of my ozone article for readers who aren't interested in the chemistry.

To control by doing nothing
Sections from the famous Daoist work the Dao De Jing on how to govern a big country.

Anarchy Reconsidered
Is anarchy a viable political system, or does anarchy invariably degenerate into ... anarchy?

Marijuana imitates politics
The shelves in the marketplace of ideas are filled with intellectual junk food, man.

Conservatives build things
Liberals build rules.

What is Depression?
The question whether major clinical depression is a physical disease or a psychological ailment is meaningless.

Dysfunctional organizations, dysfunctional countries, and Grey's law
It is impossible to distinguish between incompetent leaders and destructive ones.

Unrealpolitik and the Zero Sum Doctrine
Only 6 years ago we were asking whether we should install democracy in the Middle East.

Why do liberals put so many bumper stickers on their cars?
The 19th century psychologist Gustave Le Bon has the answer.

We become what we hate
All organizations evolve until their sole purpose is to promote the continued existence of the organization.

Intellectuals and their utopian vision
No one will never fight for another person's idea, but people will fight for a vision.

Pascal's Wager
A new take on an old philosophical idea.

Bad Pharma: Fact or Myth?
The pharmaceutical industry is dying. When it's gone, some of the blame for its loss will be laid at the feet of the authors of all those pharma-bashing books.

Eight myths about libertarianism
If people are going to bash libertarianism, they need to get their ideas about it straight. Otherwise they might inadvertently bash each other.

Civil Rights vs. Freedom of Speech
The argument that it's okay for private individuals to violate the Constitution because you're a private citizen went out with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The 4:33 Principle
We should be grateful when politicians and other government employees slack off.

Paralysis of judgment
Postmodernism may be dead as a philosophical movement, but the idea that truth is relative continues to eat away at our civilization.

Facebook Revolutionizes Biology
The weirdest social networking site on planet Earth invents 58 new genders.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Politicians can be narcissistic, and so can the organizations they manage.

John Lennon, 50 Years After Ed Sullivan
The original broadcast sounded like cicadas.

The Lost Tribe of the Murkins
We're not saying it was extraterrestrials.

Keynesianism dying, has dandruff
“In the long run, we are all dead. But my theory will hang around and screw up your economy long after that.”

Inequality makes the world go round
Without inequality, there would be complete, utter economic stagnation.

Phil Robertson for President
A duck in every pot.

NRO Got Bit
While everyone's talking about A&E's shameful treatment of Duck Dynasty, organizations that should know better are acting the same way.

Income inequality is not poverty
Just like Cal Thomas, I, too, suffer from the dreaded affliction of income inequality.

Conservatives need to re-brand themselves
Conservatives know leadership. They need to re-discover that quality and show it, so voters know they really can lead the country.

DOMA Bites the Dust
The social conservatives want to preserve the tradition of marriage, but they don't understand why. And the left will never tell them.

For crying out loud, forget Daniel Dennett already!
David Gelernter and Daniel Dennett are both mistaken.

America must evolve
Change is coming, one way or the other. America must evolve to meet the challenge.

The idiocy of audacity
Whether you're crossing the street or voting for your leaders, one slip in judgment can create an irreversible catastrophe.

Greed is killing the American dream
Like our TV programming, politics in America is a race to the bottom. In politics, 'bottom' means the bottom line.

Arafat and Polonium
Improbable claims need to be vigorously challenged before they come to be accepted as established truths.

Government Is Too Big
The government is increasingly cut off from reality.

Does Anesthesia Cause Dementia?

Don't count the West out yet
A red line deep in Europe's amygdala is waiting to be crossed.

The government is gone! We're free!!!
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

The five thousand words we are not allowed to say
Could it be that we are actually less free now than in the "oppressive" 1950s?

r/K Theory, Liberals, and Conservatives
A microbiologist has succeeded in explaining why some people are conservatives and some are liberals.

Is Democracy Still Viable?
Two new libertarian authors think it's time to let a thousand nations bloom.

The Curse of Oslo
Giving the European Union the Nobel Peace Prize has ominous implications for its future.

Don't Blame Science for Climategate
Global warming just might be the most important problem facing Western civilization since the cold war. Not because of anything the globe is doing, but rather because our politicians have all gone stark raving mad because of it.

The Precautionary Principle: Common Sense or Sloppy Thinking?
In this article, I will discuss several situations that have been proposed as justifications for the so-called "precautionary principle", and show that in each case, a risk-benefit analysis produces a superior result. I will also show that, contrary to what has been claimed, the precautionary principle is not commonly followed by responsible public officials, scientists, or law courts, and argue that it should not be adopted as an element in decision-making.

Why do people believe in God?
Where does the concept of God come from? Why do people believe in God? In this article, I will try to avoid political questions and simply speculate, from a scientific point of view, where the concept of a God might have originated.

Bad politics makes bad science
Bashing your political enemies without understanding them is not good politics, and it's definitely not good science.

Politics in Nature Neuroscience
Another inflammatory political article has turned up. Not in New Republic or Weekly World News as you might expect, but in the scientific journal Nature Neuroscience.

Intelligent Design: Is it a theory?
What is this all about? Is intelligent design really an alternative to Darwinian evolution? Is it a valid scientific theory? As scientists we must remain open to all new ideas, no matter how bizarre. Many scientists have strong religious beliefs. At the same time, if intelligent design is not a valid scientific theory we should be honest and say so.

Atheists in foxholes
We atheists have changed our minds about foxholes. Right now, they look pretty good. The news media, the Senate, and religious conservatives are giving us quite a beating about that crazy ruling

What Does Science Say About Life After Death?
The Buddhists had a lot to say about the afterlife, but science is starting to catch up.

Watch Out For the Mutes
Scientists have claimed that the desire to spend other people's money is caused by a mutation that affects their brain. There is, as yet, no cure.

Psychobabble as motivated political liberalism
A number of my colleagues in academia seem to be confused about the nature of the two major political forces in America these days. A particularly egregious example of this was a recent article in the American Psychological Association's journal Psychological Bulletin ("Political conservatism as motivated social cognition.

Hillary Clinton (D -- LV-426)
Okay, you already know most of the story: They welded the doors shut to keep her out. Acid for blood.

Ten tips to writing scientific resumes
I am sometimes called upon to hire junior scientists, postdocs, and technicians. Here are some tips that I have discovered.

Should you pursue a career in science? Some advice from a professional scientist
Being a research scientist can be a highly rewarding career. What you discover could change how people make their toast in the morning, or it could change how civilization evolves--maybe even prevent the next Dark Ages.

Why do so many drugs fail?
Nine of every ten new drugs fail in clinical phase II or III testing. Why is this?

business commentary

How language contributes to corporate failure
Corporate Speak may sound silly, but it's actually a way of using language to hide the awful truth that your company is doomed.

The 13 Golden Rules of Mismanagement
I've developed thirteen golden rules that any manager can use to run the company into the ground.

Why you should feel bad for Big Pharma
Whether you love them or hate them, what's happening to the pharmaceutical industry these days is bad news.

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Interactions between Space-time, Gravity and Consciousness by Amrit Srecko Sorli, Slovenia.

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