High Taxes Benefit the Rich
If the Democrats hate the rich so much, they should cut their taxes.

Atheists and crucifixes
As long as they don't go sprinkling holy water on them, they can't hurt us.

Are Open-Access Journals Harming Science?
A paper calling gun owners “racists” has appeared in an open-access journal. But calling people names is not actually science.

Not the Antichrist, Just An Ordinary Lib
The Caps Lock Brigade could be right. But there's a simpler explanation for all this.

Stress and Reproductive Fertility
A politician has created a furor by claiming the body has some protective mechanism to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But is that really true? What are the scientific facts?

Global Catastrophe Imminent...Poor To Drown In Global Drought...All Bush's Fault!
Just when you thought cooler heads had prevailed, and all this global warming stuff had been dismissed as politically-motivated hysteria, someone releases another report to the media with even more fantastic predictions about how we're all going to die because of too much carbon dioxide.

Obamao The Chinese know a Maoist when they see one.

Ben Stein's Curious Post-Modernist Adventure
Is the theory of evolution responsible for the Nazi Holocaust? To scientists, the idea is as ludicrous as the idea that Marie Curie is responsible for the atomic bomb, the idea that the theory of gravity is responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs, or the idea that "2+2=4" is responsible for four-wheel drive.

Rin Tin Tin For President
Rin Tin Tin could hardly do worse in the White House than its current occupant. But he's got birth certificate problems.

Man Vs. Wilderness in Washington, D.C.
Hi, my name is Grear Bylls. I've climbed to the foot of Mount Everest and crossed the freezing North Atlantic Ocean in a small, open ocean liner. Today, I'm going to tell you how to survive in one of the most hostile wild environments in the world: downtown Washington, D.C.

What is happening to our puppets?
The only thing preventing puppets from committing crimes against humanity, genocide, or even a second Holocaust is their lack of ability to formulate ideas, hold opinions, and to move or act independently.

How to Build a Biological Weapon
Dear brothers, It's come to my attention, from reading the news reports circulating in the decadent imperialistic Western media, that the only factor preventing

The Thamnophobia Crisis
A new disease has been discovered: thamnophobia, or fear of Bush. Its diagnostic criteria, possible causes, and treatment modalities are discussed.

We Will Control the Horizontal.
The British press may have finally gone off the deep end. With a scare article in The Economist, a news magazine that is normally a bastion of reason and moderation, the editors have taken time out from predicting the imminent bursting of America's economic bubble to ruefully inform the world that neuroscientists are feverishly developing

Duck and Cover
The idea that the only possible outcome of a nuclear conflict would be a universal holocaust, in which everyone would die, as the movie "Atomic Cafe" suggests, is simply false.

Smallpox, Indians, and Germ Warfare
The story of the British spreading smallpox as a form of germ warfare against the American Indians in the years before the Revolutionary War has received wide attention in recent years. But is it true or merely politically-inspired disinformation?

Home Enervation and Repair
Some of the regular visitors to this site may have wondered why I have not written many new articles lately. The reason is that your columnist has been hard at work resting in order to find an excuse to to avoid doing much-needed home repairs.

Diagnosing Barbie
Barbie rose from poverty-stricken Wisconsin to become one of the most spectacularly successful executives of all time, despite numerous medical problems including a lifelong struggle with Tourette's syndrome.

Morgellon's disease in invertebrates? Tiny colored fibers resembling those seen in Morgellon's disease have been found in CNS cultures of a sea slug.

Myths about tsunamis
A great deal of misinformation is being spread about tsunamis. This page attempts to correct some of these myths about "tidal waves".

Review of the Revo Pico Wi-Fi Radio

Hillary's Three O'Clock in the Morning Phone Call
An old article on Hillary, suddenly relevant again.

Questions and Answers About Text Messaging
Many people find text messaging to be baffling. In fact, text messaging, also known as SMS, is very easy.

How to repair broken eyeglass frames

The High-Tech World of Usama bin Laden
We haven't heard much from the media recently about Usama bin Laden. So where is old Usama these days? The military, of course, is constantly checking his mailbox for change-of-address cards for his subscriptions to Jihad News and Shahid Death to the Satanic Infidels Report

Review of the AOR AR8600 Mark2


Predictions for 2011 and 2012

History of the Mid to Late 21st Century (2050-2100)

Recap of the News from 2050
Here is a recap of the major news events of the year 2050.

Predictions for 2007
Start stocking up on dried crackers and salted peanuts. The coming year (which I predict will be called "2007") will be one of the most eventful yet.

Global Trends 2055: A New Hope
The National Intelligence Council has just come out with its predictions for the year 2025, titled "Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World". I predict a little farther.

Computer Predictions for 2006
A remarkable new computer program has been devised that can predict news events in the future. We use the program to predict future events about famous celebrities from Einstein all the way down to Jessica Simpson.

Predictions for 2005 (and 2105)
The year 2005 promised to be so boring I made predictions for 2105 instead.

Predictions for 2004

Predictions for 2003

Predictions for 2002

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