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Do flickering lights cure Alzheimer's disease?

Here's a summary of what Iaccarino et al. really found in that craaaa-zy Nature paper.

Germans bombing Pearl Harbor
The progressive war on reality

  A recent article explains why progressivism must deny not only biology, but reality itself.

Earth in clouds
Does the theory of relativity prove that the world is a simulation?

  On unfalsifiable tautologies in popular science.

Curtains for the beta-amyloid theory?

Solanezumab's failure hasn't eliminated beta amyloid as a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease.

Vulture searching for prey
Swearing as a human distress call

Why is it so hard to stop yourself from cursing? It's a pre-pro­grammed response. But what is its real purpose?

Converting carbon dioxide into ethanol

Another crazy idea to use electricity to sequester carbon ... but what if we could it run in reverse?

M33 galaxy
Aliens from outer space are sending me messages

A recent paper sees evidence for extraterrestrials in stellar spectra. Is it real or an artifact?

Privatizing science research, part 2

We need a way to couple the production of knowledge to the market without relying on government.

M33 galaxy
Science Under Siege, Part III  

Understanding what causes bad science is critical to reforming it.

Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse

A world with AI would be so alien that predictions about it serve only as vehicles for our anxieties.

Protein molecule
The future of medicine

  In the future things will be ... uh, better ... mostly

Ozone molecule
The ozone layer cured global warming

The 'pause' started a few years after the Montreal Protocol went into effect. Coincidence?


Sonogram of bird calls
The sound of freedom

  Technological sounds are drowning out the quiet music of nature.

Chess pieces brawling
Argumentation in a post-logical world

We must become more analytical in detecting and refuting hidden assumptions in the debate.

Ligntning Atheism, Ducks and Bananas

Atheists and religious people both need to work on their sense of humor.

Barbed wire
Eight myths about libertarianism

  Libertarianism is not what many people think.

 science and medicine

Little known facts about Parkinson's disease

  An exciting new treatment involves electrical stimulation instead of L-DOPA.

Subcortical vascular dementia

Vascular dementia is the loss of mental faculties caused by a problem in the blood vessels in the brain.

Tinnitus: Causes and Treatment

Recent research suggests that tinnitus is easier to cure when treatment is given early. In this article, I will discuss what is known about tinnitus and what tinnitus sufferers can do about their affliction.

Cold facts on global warming

  It's still important to understand what is and is not factual about the climate.

Cow fermions
Are superconductors holograms?

  A new idea from string theory finds holograms everywhere.

Diagram of brain
Women and Math, Part 2

  In the past ten years, brain research has given us a ton of new insight about sex differences in the brain.

Bismuth, nature's most uninteresting element

  Seven incredibly boring facts about bismuth you will probably believe!


Star fields in Apollo 11 photographs

The claim that there are no stars in the moon landing images is examined.

UV picture of Pine cone
Shortwave ultraviolet photography

Photography at short UV wavelengths (200-300 nm) opens up a new universe.

Roof vents
How to take bad cell phone photos

Some tips on taking the worst travel photos ever.

Photographing Radioactivity with a Webcam

You can use a webcam to photograph radioactivity.

UV image of sparks
Ultraviolet photography

The ultraviolet world is gloomy ... and pink.

Infrared image of tree
Infrared photography

It's not difficult to modify a digital SLR camera to take pictures in the near-infrared.

Astrophotography Without a Telescope

You don't need a lot of equipment to take spectacular pictures of the stars.


Firefly biology and tips on photographing fireflies. Movie of fireflies flashing in synchrony.

Oslo lens graphs
Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 1: Design

Design and plans for a fused-silica zoom lens.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 1

Design and plans for a compact spectrograph suitable for astronomy.

Swan Nebula

  A collection of astrophotographs.

  science humor and miscellaneous

Fundamentals of Reindeer Aerodynamics

How did reindeer evolve the ability to fly?

An Overview of Santa's Advanced Anti-Radar Technology

According to radar experts, the inability of our most advanced radar tracking systems to detect the red-suited Christmas icon is no accident

Woodpecker How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

  Do noise generators and reflector tape actually work?

The Prophecies of Bruce de Nostradamus

Bruce Nostradamus is not as famous as his older brother, partly because his quatrains were not very good.