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Fish need bicycles after all, ethicists discover
Biology Rule #1: you deny biology, you go extinct

thumbnail Why are drugs so expensive?
The reason is not what you might think.

Denying Biology
  If biology is co-opted by the Left, our future could be written by ideologues.

Thumbnail How to identify bad science
Here are some tips on how to identify a scientific snowjob.

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Thumbnail Artificial intelligence is the new global warming
Is AI really as dangerous as Noam Chomsky, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk think?

The futility of modeling
  Mathematical modeling is a form of metaphysics.

Anarchy Reconsidered
Is anarchy a viable political system, or does anarchy invariably degenerate into ... anarchy?

T2 MRI of CADASIL brain Nietzsche and the Girl from Treponema
  Recent evidence proves that Nietzsche's dementia was not caused by syphilis.

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imal scientific image analysis software

The Hydrogenated Bomb: Science and the Cholesterol Scandal
Saturated fat and cholesterol are now good for you again.

thumbnail Statins only add three years to your life
  A new study finds statins aren't that great after all.

Mind-Weapons of the Mahabharata
Does the Mahabharata really describe an ancient Indian nuclear weapon?

Eight myths about libertarianism
Libertarianism is not what many people think.

linux and computer hardware

photography and amateur astronomy notes

science and medicine

  Nightmares are the brain's way of dealing with traumatic memories.

What can science learn from Paul Tillich?
  Profound ideas from a maverick theologian.

Tinnitus: Causes and Treatment

Recent research suggests that tinnitus is easier to cure when treatment is given early. In this article, I will discuss what is known about tinnitus and what tinnitus sufferers can do about their affliction.

Is the universe mathematical?
We use mathematics to deconstruct the universe. Could it also build one?

Science, Religion and Other Crazy Ideas
  What do scientists really think about religion?

Freud called dreams the royal road to the unconscious. But the road still has many potholes.

Is Alzheimer's disease caused by a fungus?
A possible new direction in view of the failures of antiamyloid therapy.

Rethinking ozone
Has the Montreal Protocol actually done anything? Something is not adding up.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Politicians can be narcissistic, and so can the organizations they manage.

Does the concept of free will have any meaning?
  Free will means two completely different things.

Is Schizophrenia a Real Disease?
The idea that schizophrenia is a medical conditions is on shaky ground.

What Causes Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a devastating and mysterious illness that strikes people with increasing frequency as they age. In this article, I will discuss the current theories and epidemiological results that might explain the molecular basis of sporadic Alzheimer's disease.

Women and Math, Part 1
Scientific evidence long ago disproved the myth that the brains of men and women are the same.

Women and Math, Part 2
In the past ten years, brain research has given us a ton of new insight about gender differences in the brain.

How to Drive on Snow
Tips on driving on snow-covered roads and driving up hills in winter without getting killed.

Is Global Warming Over?
Yes, of course it is. Who's up for some cooling?

What Does Science Say About Life After Death?
The Buddhists had a lot to say about the afterlife, but science is starting to catch up.

What's so great about Euler's formula?
What does Euler's formula tell us about the real world? How can we understand it?

Cold facts on global warming

Even though global warming has become mostly an academic concern now that the climate has moved into a cooling phase, it's still important to understand what is and is not factual about the climate.

Bad Pharma: Fact or Myth?
Is the pharmaceutical industry dying?

Little-known facts about the Moon
The Moon really does have a dark side. And an atmosphere ... sort of.

Antisocial personality disorder
What are the differences between psychopaths, sociopaths, and psychotics?

What is Depression?
  We actually know very little about it, but there are some new theories.

What is the value of computer modeling?
If mathematical models are done badly, they will discredit an entire branch of science.

Indeterminacy in Science
  Is the universe indeterminate at the smallest level? If so, what about free will?

  Molecular biology, Raelians, and the mysterious doctrine of transubstantiation

Fraud in Science
Where there's misconduct in science, there's invariably a deep reservoir of social and managerial pathology.


thumbnail Shortwave ultraviolet photography
Photography at short UV wavelengths (200-300 nm) opens up a new universe.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

Or, how to take pictures of the Sun without burning up your camera sensor, blinding yourself, and setting your dog on fire

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 1
Design and plans for a compact spectrograph suitable for astronomy.

infrared photographs


High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 2
Parts and construction details.

How to take bad cell phone photos
Some tips on taking the worst travel photos ever.

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 1: Design
Design and plans for a fused-silica zoom lens.

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 2: Construction
The gory construction details.

Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 3: Test images
Sample UV and visible photos.

Photographing Radioactivity with a Webcam
You can use a webcam to photograph radioactivity.

Ultraviolet photography

The ultraviolet world is gloomy ... and pink.

Infrared photography

It's not difficult to modify a digital SLR camera to take pictures in the near-infrared.

Astrophotography Without a Telescope
You don't need a lot of equipment to take spectacular pictures of the stars.

Firefly biology and tips on photographing fireflies. Movie of fireflies flashing in synchrony.

science humor and miscellaneous

Fundamentals of Reindeer Aerodynamics
How did reindeer evolve the ability to fly?

Four Movies for Dorks

These movies contain clues to hidden meanings that seem to have been missed by everyone else.

The Future of TV

What will television be like 20 years from now? We think social changes will drive the technology, rather than the other way around.

The Ten Most Annoying Science Fiction Shows of All Time

Some science fiction TV shows succeeded at creating a rich, complex universe, and some ... didn't.

An Overview of Santa's Advanced Anti-Radar Technology

According to radar experts, the inability of our most advanced radar tracking systems to detect the red-suited Christmas icon is no accident

The Cow Theory of Economics

Cow theory is a well-established tool for understanding basic economic concepts. There are many variations of this theory on the Internet. Here are some new ones.

The Tragic Story of Schrodinger's Cat

Schrödinger's cat played a critical role in the early development of quantum mechanics.

Physics envy among biologists: fact or fiction?

Physicists often state their belief that all biologists would rather be physicists, but became biologists only because they were not very good at math.

The Prophecies of Bruce de Nostradamus

Bruce Nostradamus is not as famous as his older brother, partly because his quatrains were not very good.

thumbnail The Al Gore Effect: Theoretical basis
The day after Al Gore: Where will you be? Someplace cold, probably.

What car would Jesus really drive?

The Bible describes the earliest documented case of road rage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Life in the Country

If this article can save just one person from the unending nightmare that is country living, it will be worth it.

thumbnail How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers
  Do noise generators and reflector tape actually work?

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