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Water turbulence caused by ultrasound
Can ultrasound damage your hearing?

It's been claimed that U.S. diplomats in Cuba are being harassed by a sonic weapon. Is such a thing possible?

Beta amyloid 1-42 3D model
The theory that just won't die

  Beta-amyloid has been studied for 30 years, and we are no closer to a cure.

Chess piece being burned
Witch-hunt hysteria at Google

James Damore at Google discovered an uncomfortable fact about human nature.

Cat on North America Nebula
Weird Stuff in the DSM-5

  Just how crazy do you have to be to get listed in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual? Not very.

Karl Marx
Is science becoming political?

If scientific journals become too political, they will find themselves with many critics and few defenders.

When is it acceptable to retroactively ‘correct’ your data?

A new report challenges NASA's global temperature adjustments.

Orion Nebula
Liberalism is no longer an ideology. It is magical thinking

Why do liberals play John Lennon's Imagine after every disaster?

Nothing is Everything

  How did the Big Bang create the universe out of nothing? Or did it?

Science is a religion

Religion has not lost the culture war. The intellectual descendant of religion—science—has conquered the world.

Sun behind the trees
Carbon Inequality

Carbon inequality is the latest term for global warming. It's carbony, it's dirty, and it's getting all over everything.

Nomad shooting redshirts
Artificial Intelligence will not wipe out humans

Humans can do that all by themselves. Besides, computers won't kill one of their own.

Xenon lamp
How close are they to real artificial intelligence?

  We read the textbook on ‘deep learning’ so you don't have to.


Sonogram of bird calls
The sound of freedom

  Technological sounds are drowning out the quiet music of nature.

Chess pieces brawling
Argumentation in a post-logical world

We must become more analytical in detecting and refuting hidden assumptions in the debate.

Ligntning Atheism, Ducks and Bananas

Atheists and religious people both need to work on their sense of humor.

Barbed wire
Eight myths about libertarianism

  Libertarianism is not what many people think.

 science and medicine

Does lack of sleep cause Alzheimer's disease?

  There's a strong correlation, but the evidence is still circumstantial.

Protein molecule
The future of medicine

  In the future things will be ... uh, better ... mostly

Cold facts on global warming

  It's still important to understand what is and is not factual about the climate.

Protein molecule
Not your grandfather's theory of evolution

  Darwin's theory of natural selection has mutated almost beyond recognition.

Tinnitus: Causes and Treatment

Recent research suggests that tinnitus is easier to cure when treatment is given early. In this article, I will discuss what is known about tinnitus and what tinnitus sufferers can do about their affliction.

Cow fermions
Are superconductors holograms?

  A new idea from string theory finds holograms everywhere.

Bismuth, nature's most uninteresting element

  Seven incredibly boring facts about bismuth you will probably believe!


Star fields in Apollo 11 photographs

The claim that there are no stars in the moon landing images is examined.

UV picture of Pine cone
Shortwave ultraviolet photography

Photography at short UV wavelengths (200-300 nm) opens up a new universe.

Roof vents
How to take bad cell phone photos

Some tips on taking the worst travel photos ever.

Photographing Radioactivity with a Webcam

You can use a webcam to photograph radioactivity.

UV image of sparks
Ultraviolet photography

The ultraviolet world is gloomy ... and pink.

Infrared image of tree
Infrared photography

It's not difficult to modify a digital SLR camera to take pictures in the near-infrared.

Astrophotography Without a Telescope

You don't need a lot of equipment to take spectacular pictures of the stars.


Firefly biology and tips on photographing fireflies. Movie of fireflies flashing in synchrony.

Oslo lens graphs
Build an Ultraviolet Zoom Lens, Part 1: Design

Design and plans for a fused-silica zoom lens.

High-resolution compact spectrograph, Part 1

Design and plans for a compact spectrograph suitable for astronomy.

Swan Nebula

  A collection of astrophotographs.

  science humor and miscellaneous

An Overview of Santa's Advanced Anti-Radar Technology

The inability of our most advanced radar to track Santa is no accident.

Woodpecker How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

  Do noise generators and reflector tape actually work?

Crystal cube The Prophecies of Bruce de Nostradamus

Bruce Nostradamus is not as famous as his older brother, partly because his quatrains were not very good.

Fundamentals of Reindeer Aerodynamics

How did reindeer evolve the ability to fly?